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Are you up for a fun challenge to see if publishing a book-a-day is possible?
Awesome! Because that is EXACTLY what I’m planning to PROVE, one way or another in “Easy Book-a-Day!”
In “Easy Book-a-Day,” I am going to take YOU with me on a journey to create a book-a-day, EVERY day, 5 days a week (we’re taking weekends off) for the ENTIRE month of February! I will show you EVERY book creation method I’m using, EVERY resource I’m accessing and EVERY strategy I’m implementing to prove whether or not creating a book-a-day is even possible. Now I know what you might be thinking…
“Hold the phone, Tony…you’re an established marketer, book designer and publisher. You have an unfair advantage!”
That’s TRUE…but let me ask you a question…would you rather believe someone who SAYS it’s possible, an industry that SAYS it’s impossible, or an expert who can SHOW YOU HOW to pull it off?
But I hear you…I get it…which is why I am ALSO having a complete NEWBIE do the challenge with me. This gal knows NOTHING about writing or publishing a book. NOTHING! So you’re not just going to see this from MY perspective and skills, but from HERS as well.

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