Tee Cash Kit

Tee Cash Kit



Name Product: Tee Cash Kit

Sale Page: http://teecashkits.com/

Price: $37

We live, eat, and breathe Facebook marketing. We’re known for our creative FREE and paid traffic generation and insane ability to scale up fast. Today, we share exactly how we are making 6-figures a month by selling ugly T-shirts through Teespring, and give you the very limited opportunity to steal this secret designs and methods.
A short, important, open letter from Austin and Nishant:

Maybe you’ve heard of how some marketers like us have quickly added an extra zero to their weekly income thanks to Teespring.

How can selling silly little T-shirts be SUCH a moneymaker?

Remember the facts: Everyone buys T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel. We saw other marketers selling boatloads of shirts with no upfront cost, and we tried our hand at it.

We tested, experimented, and became obsessed with the idea of having 6-figure months JUST from selling shirts.
We had a head start.

We already knew a lot about Facebook marketing from other ventures, and applied it to Teespring sales.

So we started giving that head start to our students…

And the dozens of students who we’ve ALREADY taught to make money monthly on

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