Subscription Site Insider – Exclusive Case Study Library

Subscription Site Insider – Exclusive Case Study Library



Name Product: Subscription Site Insider – Exclusive Case Study Library

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Exclusive Case Study Library: Full 78 Case Studies (as of 25th November 2012)

• GenomeWeb Upsells Site Licenses With Clever 3-User Trial

• Promotes and Profits from Original Internet TV with a Subscription-Only Model

• Strategy+Business Turns Free Web Content into Revenue-Generating Apps

• Launches a Paywall That Keeps Readers and Advertisers Happy

• Eagle Financial Uses Video Landing Pages and Price Testing to Make Millions

• How to Survive in the Paid eCards Industry — A/B Tests, Pricing Models & Quality Content

• SafetySmart Grows New Subscriptions by 200% After Revamping Online Platform

• The Successful Investor Network Finds a Winning Formula With Bundling and a Unique Paywall Concept

• How Turned a 90-Year-Old Print Directory into a Profitable Online Subscription Site

• Highbeam’s Conversion Optimization Tests Sell More Subscriptions to Consumers and Business Execs

• Contact Any Celebrity Generates $1M+ by Staying Nimble in a Changing Market

• A Story Before Bed Soars With Unique Presentation of Online Content

• Education Week Generates $13M With Strong Online + Offline Business Model

• Wins With Affiliate Marketing and Low-Ball Pricing

• IdentityForce Sells 1 Million Subscriptions across B2C and 4 Different B2B Niches

• Top 10 Lessons From Foreign Affairs’ Highly Successful Online Subscription Marketing

• AgencyFinder Turns the B2B Industry Directory Model Into A Highly Profitable Subscription Business

• Exclusive with Consumer Reports Online – 18 Effective Tactics for Subscription Marketers

• RFID Journal Makes 7 Figures By Mixing Paid Subscriptions, Live Events and Advertising

• Creates a Powerful Community Around a Celebrity Thought-Leader

• How Uses B2B Marketing & Sales to Sell a B2C Coaching & Advisory Service

• How Gantthead Sells Memberships in the (Incredibly) Competitive IT Info Niche

• How The Six O’Clock Scramble Thrives Against Free Competitors

• Niche Site Teen Life Ministries Attracts More Than 3,000 Paid Subscribers

• EBMedicine Succeeds With Postal Direct Mail, Clever Email Campaign

• The Caretaker Gazette’s Ultimate Subscription Model – Paid Advertising as Content

• How Uses Live Monthly Virtual Training and Video Testimonials to Convert, Upsell

• Dow Jones Local Media Group Tests Overlays to Turn Newspaper Visitors into Paying Online Subscribers

• How Monetizes Advisory Boards and Partners with Corporate Brands to Underwrite Memberships

• What Happened When Moved From a Paid to Free Model

• MapMyFitness: How to get 180,000 Paid Buyers & 30,000 Tell-a-Friend Referrals Per Day for User-Generated Content

• Food and Health Communications Has Winning Combo with Member Library and One-Off Products

• – A Video Lesson Site Finds Success Through Simple and Explicit Instruction

• 2,500 paid members in 100 days: Solo Blogger and Ebook Publisher Uses Marketing Best Practices to Launch Subscription Site

• How a Former Newspaper Editor Makes a High Five-Figure Income by Publishing an Online Community for Freelancers

• Secrets of a B2B Email Newsletter Publisher: Profiting from Subscription Content, Conferences & Niche Launches

• How a Nanny Matching Membership Site Beats Increased Competition With A/B Tests, Price Changes & Better Search Marketing

• How Christianity Today Targets Specific Church Roles Through a Network of 8 Paid Content Sites

• Down-and-Dirty Paid Newsletter/Membership Site Launch: 6 Days from Concept to Creation

• Mobile Publisher Uses Browser-Based Tech, Not Apps, to Create Premium Magazines for Any Device

• How a Pioneering Industry Newsletter Expanded Into a Suite of Online Subscription Products and Contract Writing Work

• B2B Publisher Triples Revenue by Expanding Target Audience and Diversifying Content through Licensing and Repurposing

• Blogger Outreach, Media Relations and Gift Subscriptions Drive Growth for Book Rental Subscription Site

• How a Paid Content Site Launched a Lower-Cost Subscription Brand to Target a New Audience

• How Golf Odyssey’s Onboarding and Renewal Campaigns Lift Conversions and Reduce Chargebacks & Declines

• Lessons from a Subscription Site Launch: Audience & Content Surprises, Plus a PayPal Nightmare

• Print Newsletter Grows Subscription Base by Launching Membership Site: Lessons Learned

• How SmartCredit Uses Partnerships, Savvy Direct Marketing and Unique Services to Stand Out from Competitors

• How a B2B Info Services Provider Turns $300 Online Subscribers to $60,000 Corporate Accounts

• B2C Boating Enthusiast Site Combines Magazine-style Articles with Multimedia Content to Attract Subs and Ad Revenues

• How Uses Search Marketing to Attract 3x More Traffic Than Competitors & Turns Those Visitors Into Paid Subscribers

• How a Blogger’s Public Radio-style ‘Pledge Drives’ Convince Subscribers to Pay $49-$75,000 to Support the Site

• Professional Training Site Attracts Members with the Strength of its Expert Instructors and Certification Program

• How Fastcase Beats Huge Competitors with an iPhone App & Nimbler Search

• Journalist Creates Niche B2B News Site to Capitalize on Emerging Industry Trend

• How a Guru-Branded Wine Site Built a Successful Subscription Model

• Vertical Search Engine Triples Paying Subscribers and Grows Prospect Database 10x with ‘Freemium’ Model

• How the Christian Science Monitor Killed its Daily Paper and Grew Circulation 60%

• Online Cooking School Uses High-Quality Videos to Attract Members and Land Partnerships

• B2B News Site Takes on Print Incumbents with Nimble, SEO-Savvy Content

• Premium Tourism Newsletter Attracts Subscribers with Unique Ideas for High-end Travelers

• Facebook Integration Fuels Growth for Genealogy Research/Social Networking Membership Site

• How a B2B Site Generates Monthly Memberships and Group Subscriptions by Providing Templates for Marketers

• Audio Content from ‘Real’ Professionals Helps Stock Trading Advice Site Stand Out in Crowded Niche

• 3D Avatar Chat Game Gets Users Engaged, Generates $40 Million Revenue Run Rate

• How a Niche Business Information Publisher Uses Conversion Optimization Strategies to Maximize Profits

• B2B Executive Coaching Expert Leverages Membership Site to Grow Her Offline Coaching Business

• Family-owned Investment Newsletter Publisher Moves to 100% Online Marketing With Aggressive Testing

• How One Niche Site is Shifting Gears Mid-Recession to Find New Revenue Streams and Marketing Channels

• B2B Research Sites: How to Make Great Profits from Group Subscriptions

• Enthusiast Site Uses Forums (and Some Well-Thought-Out Marketing Tactics) to Keep Subscribers On-Board for a Whopping 30 Months

• Reason Magazine Sells ‘Thousands of Subscriptions’ on Kindle (Should You Be Selling via Kindle Too?)

• How to Succeed in a Crowded Space? Maintain a Narrow Focus–TheLadders Shines in the Job-Search Niche

• Advice from Fully Booked Rentals’ Co-Founder on Turning a How-To Book into a Successful Subscription Site

• How TradeTheMarkets Blends Revenue Streams to Profit as an Investment Advisory Publisher

• Turning a Passion Project into a Thriving Membership Site–’s Dos and Don’ts for a Winning Venture

• Solo Entrepreneur Launches Video Tutorial Membership Site for Consumers Interested in Alternative Health

• Inside Angie’s List with Co-Founder and CMO Angie Hicks

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