Steve Miller – Indolent Armadillo

Name Product: Steve Miller – Indolent Armadillo
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Price: $197
In the Indolent Armadillo you’ll learn:
– The power and importance of defining the Rules which prospects and customers MUST follow in order to do business with you.
–    A new perspective on the importance of Focus and Positioning, and how to be the center of your market’s universe.
–    How to take Branding to a new level.
–    How to identify and use the Most Powerful Motivator of all to get prospects calling you (and your fees become a non-issue).
–    The eight strategic initiatives you can incorporate that will slamdunk separate you from the competition, put you foremost in the prospect’s mind, and get them to BEG you to accept them as a client.
–   How to steal the genius secrets of already successful businesspeople, like Tiger Woods, Madonna, Barney the Purple Dinosaur, and Joan Rivers! (Believe it or not, you CAN learn a lot from them.)

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