Simon Black – Sovereign Man Offshore Kit

Simon Black – Sovereign Man Offshore Kit



Name Product: Simon Black – Sovereign Man Offshore Kit

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Price: $795

The Sovereign Man Offshore Tactics Workshop will be held on March 30 – April 1, 2013, and you can now secure your own Insider Kit for a very modest and exclusive price.

We will record the full event with all the expert speakers, and by reserving your copy of the Offshore Tactics Workshop: Insider Kit you will get access to all of the video recordings as soon as they become available.

Unlike most ‘offshore conferences’ which feature the same handful of guys who travel professionally on the speaking circuit giving the same speech over and over again, Simon is reaching deep into his rolodex, calling out his most valuable contacts and flying them in from all over the world. These are DOERS, not TALKERS.

This includes private bankers, brokers, attorneys, fund managers, entrepreneurs, trustees, historians, thinkers, and all around brilliant, insightful people from all over the world– Singapore, Belgium, Austria, Mongolia, the Cook Islands, Panama, Brazil, Myanmar, etc. as well as Chilean business leaders and professionals.

They will cover it all. Citizenship, banking, gold storage, tax, legal, corporate structures, and investment opportunities from the four corners of the world. Agriculture. Real estate. Collectibles. Medical. History. Community. Privacy. So much more.

Moreover, Simon has already mentioned that Jim Rogers is flying in, all the way from Singapore. Plus, Simon has a number of really amazing speakers coming. He’s not disclosing their names at this time, but rest assured, it will be one for the record books.

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