Scott Gallagher – Local Marketing Source Accelerated v2

Scott Gallagher – Local Marketing Source Accelerated v2



Name Product: Scott Gallagher – Local Marketing Source Accelerated v2 (New Updated)

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Price: $897

This is an update to version 2 of Local Marketing Source.
The previous version had a lot of modules that required an account upgrade.

This includes the following additions on top of the previous files:
* Those missing modules
* Transcripts of all the videos
* Extra resource files
* other unannounced module additions

It covers the following topics:
# Home
* Training Program Navigation
* Instant Traction
* Resources Directory

# Marketing Principles
* Marketing Department
* Marketing Philosophies
* Marketing Concepts
* Online Marketing

# Agency Principles
* White Hat versus Black Hat
* Management versus Execution
* Processes and Systems

# Agency Setup
* Business Considerations
* Online Profiles
* Offline Profiles
* Online Properties

# Agency Growth
* Sales
* Online Marketing
* Driving Traffic
* Email Marketing
* Search Marketing
* Social Media Marketing
* Video Marketing
* Mobile Marketing
* Conversion
* Measure & Refine
* Upselling
* Offline Marketing
* Online Reputation Management

# Management
* Operations
* Services
* Software Tools
* Outsourcing

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