Rockwell Trading – How to Trade Commodities

Rockwell Trading – How to Trade Commodities

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Name Product: Rockwell Trading – How to Trade Commodities

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How to Trade Commodities: Simple Strategies for Gold and Crude That Traders Can Use in Any Market

There’s no doubt that the commodity markets are hot, but breaking into and gaining returns from these markets can be a difficult task if you aren’t prepared. With help from experts Markus Heitkoetter, CEO of Rockwell Trading and author of the bestselling book The Complete Guide to Day Trading, and Mark Hodge, Head Coach at Rockwell Trading, you can gain the skills necessary to thrive from trading gold, crude oil, and other fast-moving markets in no time.

In this brand new live DVD course, How to Trade Commodities, you will learn:
• The advantages of day trading gold and crude oil
• The four strategies to successfully trade both trending and sideways moving markets
• To pinpoint the timing of opportunities to use each strategy
• Details on specific charting techniques and how to most effectively set up your charts
• Strategies that be used in virtually any market

With over 37 years of experience between them, both Markus and Mark bring you knowledge they have gained from studying the markets right to the comfort of your own home. Their guidance allows you to understand the basic and more complex ideas of gold and crude oil—information that would take years to cultivate in the field—in just four hours.

With strategies on how to enter, exit, and maneuver through the markets of gold and crude oil, with easy to understand examples and strategies, you will gain a full understanding these markets. After taking in this course, you will walk away with knowledge needed to make money trading gold and crude oil, or virtually any market!

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