Robert Dickson – Ultimate Market Takeover

Robert Dickson – Ultimate Market Takeover



Name Product: Robert Dickson – Ultimate Market Takeover

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Price: $497

With 5 simple tested and proven steps to get clients calling you without spending one thin dime on ads

The “HOW-TO” is all in the system in a step-by-step, paint by numbers format!

Here’s what you get:

1. A 50+ page PDF that reveals the exact 5-step blueprint you can start using tomorrow to build a real business!
2. Checklists and resources for you to simply copy and use . The exact same ones we have used so no guesswork here.
3. Several “surprise’bonuses that help guarantee your success!
4. A secret technique to get over $5000.00 in magazine space from any industry without spending one thin dime…. Each and every month.
5. Three simple sentences that has the power to produce a 7 figure income and a solid business you can sell.
6. The exact template that creates a buying frenzy for your services.
7. Simple 5 step process that positions you as the obvious go to expert for the products or services you offer.
8. How to charge more, work with fewer customers, and finally get the respect you deserve.
9. The process to building a business that scales and grows without you doing all the work…, or actually any of the work is more accurate.
10. How to actually get people to pay you to hear your sales message — yes it’s true!
11. Five qualifiers that help you pick the most profitable niche. Too many programs encourage you to be everything to everyone. How’s that been working for you?
12. A underground tactic for having influencers notice you and promote you!
13. How to become a published writer in top publications even if you don’t know what to write about and can’t write one word!
14. The one item that is more powerful than any business card – and how you can quickly have this tool within 30 days.
15. The one simple strategy for being seen as the “go to expert” ….instantly!

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