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One Minute Commissions by Rebecca Roberts and Mike Auton is being promoted heavily by internet marketers. But you are informed about the half side itself. There are certain limitations too which no one is talking about. In this “One Minute Commissions Review”, i will present you both the sides of this product to give you a clear idea of its working and limitations.
The main concept is to drive visitors to your offers/links through “Video Marketing”. This sounds a totally stupid idea at first, but there are more twists to it. Basically you will go through 13 steps:

Step 1) Open a ClickBank Account.

Step 2) Open a YouTube Account.

Step 3) Choose a Product to promote.

Step 4) Copy the product name.

Step 5) Get your affiliate link.

Step 6) Access your “Accelero” Software.

Step 7a) Find a picture of the product.

Step 7b) Auto generate an image.

Step 8) Add all the links to Accelero Software.

Step 9) Auto Generate and Download your YouTube videos.

Step 10) Upload your YouTube videos.

Step 11) Add the YouTube video title.

Step 12) Add the YouTube video description.

Step 13) Get onto the first page of Google for FREE.

Now, there are detailed instructions (video tutorials) on each and every step in the members area. The main step is to index and rank these videos in Google.
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