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Add Star Ratings To Comment Forms
Allow users to easily add rate products, posts and contribute their own reviews through your comment box. When posting a comment, users will be shown an easy-to-use “star rating form” with the rating fields you have specified.
…and Editor Ratings Too!
Or you can allow users to see ratings as specified by the editor. This feature can be combined with user ratings to allow a “dominant” administrator’s rating, followed by a series of comments/mini-reviews by users.
Also, you can specify rating categories to be “editor’s only”, meaning users won’t be asked to rate them: this is a great way for editor’s to provide a detailed analysis, while keeping your site simple and navigable for users.
Stars, Letter Grades, Percentages
If 5-star ratings doesn’t quite fit the content you’re rating, MyReviewPlugin offers other rating types. Letter grades, percentage (out of 100), pass/fail and 10-star ratings are all available with just a click of a mouse. Plus they can all be converted back to 5-star ratings for use in average calculations and tables.
Control Post Order
By default, WordPress orders posts chronologically. If you’re running a review site, you may want your posts ordered by most (or least) popular, highest (or lowest) rated, Bayesian weightings (see below), popularity or our weighted smart sorting system.
Bayesian Weighting
Custom Comment Fields
Only Active When/Where You Need It
Display Custom Information
Build Beautiful Comparsion Tables
Include Horizontal and Vertical Comparison Tables
Automatically Include Thumbshots
“Was this review helpful to you?”
Complete Google Maps Integration
Eight Excellent Themes
Sidebar Widgets
One-click Automatic Embedding
… and more
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