Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines Certification Training

Name Product: Mike Koenigs – Author Expert Marketing Machines Certification Training
Sale Page: http://authorexpertmarketingmachines.com/aemm_cert
Price: $3,997
Every speaker, author, coach, or consultant needs and wants a platform.
And they’ll pay a fortune to get it.
(This is where YOU come in!)
Before I started Traffic Geyser, Instant Customer and creating my own information products, I was a highly-paid marketing consultant and worked with dozens of authors, experts, speakers, consultants and coaches.
I charged between $3,500 and $15,000 per month to help them build their platforms. That was before I had tools like our Marketing Machines – I had to do everything by hand or outsource it to someone else. It was extremely expensive and time-consuming. It still is for the majority of people who are trying to learn how to market themselves.
I figured out everything the hard way – attended events I couldn’t afford, hired consultants that charged me a fortune and frequently didn’t know as much as I did.
But despite that, I was earning $7,500 to $25,000 per month and I knew about a tenth of what I know now.
The reason I’m sharing this with you now is because with the tools and resources inside Author Expert Marketing Machines, you can easily build a platform of your own and even do it for other people.
But I’d like to accelerate the speed you can do this – and the effectiveness and give you another level of expertise in the shortest period of time PLUS give you additional tools, training and mentoring that go way beyond what you get inside Author Expert Marketing Machines.
Let me explain what you get with the Certification Program

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