Maverick – How To Become An Elite Trainer

Maverick – How To Become An Elite Trainer


Name Product: Maverick – How To Become An Elite Trainer

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Price: $297

Maverick: World Class Train The Trainer Program: The 5 Star Experience

Learn new techniques to get adult learners interested, motivated, engaged, enjoying themselves, getting it, and loving you for it.
Why should you take this course?

This program has been delivered to over 1000 trainers and facilitators to date. It was created by surveying hundreds of advanced trainers and educators and asking them for their feedback about what they needed most in their classrooms. When you’re finished, it will have changed not just the way you think about training and teaching, but exactly how you do it.  This 8 hour program has everything you need to raise your game and take your training skills to the elite level.

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