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Discover the Proven System For Scaling Your Ad Campaigns to Their Maximum Potential

Introducing: Pi Scaled

Here’s What This Course Is All About:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals

The necessary building blocks of selling shirts online

  • Finding ideas for shirts in markets that are currently working!
  • Competition is a good thing and we will show you exactly what to do
    to sell successfully in those markets!
  • Pixels, Images, Pages, and More! Doesn’t matter if you are new or more experienced. These key factors need to be known like the back of your hand!

Chapter 2: Ad Set Up

Correctly setting yourself up for success!

  • How to target using the Audience Insights tool and find interest after interest to scale your campaigns. We also cover 3 other resources that will help you find interests to target when you pick the Al tool dry!
  • Proper ad set up for starting your campaigns and prepping them for success. We will show you a testing method that will make sure you minimize cost before spending to much on a failure, keeping your risk low!
  • Ad Optimization and Retargeting! Getting the most out of your winners through proven strategies to maximize ROI!

Pi Scaled

Pushing your shirt to as many customers as possible!

  • Scaling 1.0 – Up and Out
  • Scaling 2.0 – Lookalike Audiences
  • Funding. This is something NO ONE is talking about. What happens when you get a winner? How will you fund that winner? We will show you exactly how a $200,000 campaign was funded so you can prepare for your winner too!
  • Messaging your buyers – squeeze the most money you can out of your current customers!

Case Studies
Proving the methods

  • Pi Day Case Study: We go into exactly how this campaign was done start to finish. This is a campaign everyone dreams about having, and we show you it step by step!
  • 1,000+ Shirt Sold Campaign Case Study: These methods work day in and day out. We prove that with this case study on something outside of a big event like “Pi Day”.
  • Growing Your Business: Learn how this business was built from the ground up and follow a seller who started with nothing and now has made the front of!

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The Full Blown System For Selling T-Shirts Online That Produced One of the Largest Niche Campaigns to Date.

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Course Size:  1 GB

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