Matt Rhodes – Fiction Book Formula

Matt Rhodes – Fiction Book Formula



Name Product: Matt Rhodes – Fiction Book Formula

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Hi there, this is Matt Rhodes, and I want to thank you for being a VIP customer of James Jones.

James invited me to show you an experiment that I’ve been running over the past year. This experiment has created multiple streams of monthly income for my business, and it’s easy for me to create new streams of income anytime I want.

It all started when I was doing research on the Kindle marketplace. I published dozens of books for Kindle under various pen names and found that some of them simply weren’t getting any sales. I was getting discouraged because a lot of time and effort went into these books.

After struggling to publish books for the Kindle marketplace, I knew I had to do something differently and give it one last try. I knew that a lot of people were doing really well with Kindle, but I wasn’t sure what they were doing right, and what I was doing wrong.

So, I was looking on the Kindle Marketplace to try to figure out where I had gone wrong with the books I published. When I made the decision to closely study the books that were selling the best on Kindle, it finally hit me.

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