Marcia Yudkin – The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course

Marcia Yudkin – The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course



Name Product: Marcia Yudkin – The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course

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Cut Through the Clutter with the Perfect Recession Marketing Tool!
Master the Ultimate Low-Cost, High-Results Marketing Medium: The Mighty Postcard

Money is tight.  Results are mandatory – fast and easy, too, please!

Which marketing method fits those requirements?   The postcard.

Since 1990, I’ve used postcards to fill seminars, attract the first hundreds of subscribers to an email newsletter, recruit members for a mentoring program, snag a speaker’s bureau, turn one-time buyers into long-term customers and turn influential people into referral sources.  My name is Marcia Yudkin – read my bio if you don’t already know me.

Besides generating results for my own business, I’ve helped dozens of clients use postcards to materialize sales leads, launch a new service or business and create spectacular returns, such as $242,000 in orders from spending less than $200.

Learn everything you need to know about getting results from postcards in The Mighty Postcard Marketing Course.

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