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Name Product: Laura Betterly – Hangout Domination
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Hangout Domination is a new approach to leverage the power of online webinars for your business. In contrast with GotoWebinar, a platform extremely difficult to turn into a video conference or an image-heavy web conference, Hangout Domination works with Google +, an amazing platform well known for its usefulness and user-friendliness. Hangout Domination is predicted to break new ground in the business world due to its efficiency, ease of use and its potential.
Who is behind Hangout Domination?
The creator of Hangout Domination is a legendary marketer called Laura Betterly. Over the past 14 years, she has been making a lot of money online, working with many top marketers, such as Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, John Reese and Russell Brunson. Laura has a wide background, using anything from music software to email and affiliate marketing to promote her businesses. Today, Laura Betterly is considered one of the top female marketers in the internet marketing world.

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