Kindle Triangulation

Kindle Triangulation


Name Product: Kindle Triangulation


Price: $97

That’s like trying to travel in Australia with a map of America. You can only go the wrong direction. You see… the Google searcher is quite different from the Amazon buyer.

Soon you’ll know:

  • What Amazon buyers know that Google searchers don’t
  • Where to find little hints Amazon gives as to what keywords and niches are most popular and profitable
  • Six signs of a good ebook market
  • How Amazon search results are sorted 95% of the time

This Kindle publishing business is a new ballgame and I’m going to show you exactly how to play.

In the past, you could skip research. You could throw up some PLR ebooks and get a few that would sell well. But that was the playground before Mama Amazon realized some of the kids were out back stealing candy from her babies.

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