Kim Roach – Product Creation Bootcamp

Kim Roach – Product Creation Bootcamp

Product Name: Kim Roach – Product Creation Bootcamp

Kim Roach here and welcome to Product Creation Bootcamp. Over the next few hours, you’re going to learn step-by-step how to find a hot-selling topic, how to create your own product in under 48 hours (so the actual nitty gritty product creation process), and finally how to create a download area and start taking payments online.Never before have I gone into THIS much detail about the product creation process. From choosing your topic, creating the product itself, and launching it to the world.Plus, one of the reasons that I’m incredibly excited to be teaching you about product creation today is because of all the new platforms that have become available in just the past few years.
We now have multiple platforms available that allow you to start selling your product faster than ever before.Payment gateways like Stripe that allow you to start taking credit card payments in the next 10 minutes WITHOUT having to have a merchant account.

Platforms like GumRoad that allow you to setup your product and have it for sale in literally 5 minutes flat. You’ll actually see that LIVE on today’s call.

There is nothing more profitable online than creating your own product.

Unfortunately, most people NEVER even create their first product because they think it’s too time consuming, too hard, or just plain intimidating.

But I’ve discovered very simple shortcuts (and because of new technology) that will allow you to create incredibly high-value products in under 48 hours. And I’m going to show you the entire process LIVE on today’s call.

But first I want to talk a little bit about the BENEFITS of Having Your own Product…

*    Builds YOUR brand and YOUR authority in the marketplace.

Simply having your own product positions you as an expert within your marketplace.

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