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Name Product: Jonathan Goodman – The 1K Fitness Fans Formula
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The 4 Stages of the IK Fitness Fans Formula
The beauty of this system is in its simplicity. We’ve done all of the work, sorted through all of the options, and done all of the testing to come up with this system.
There are 4 stages. If you’re already experienced with FB ads, you might start in stage 2 or 3. If you’re brand new, you start at stage 1.
The response from fitness pros already using this system has been funny. It often starts with “this is easy”, followed by “is that all” before transitioning into “holy hell this works well!”.
Conversion Phase
This is a prerequisite where we show you how to set up the software and insert all required code to track the ads. We show you how to do this in real time. Just copy the video (you have unlimited access so can go at your own pace).
List Building Phase
This is the first real phase where you get a mass of people on your email list. It’s a pertinent step for the IK Fitness Fans formula to work. Expect a budget of $3-$5/day and this phase to last about a month (quicker if you’ve got a bigger budget).
Like Building Phase
This is where the fun starts. Expect to continue a minimum budget of $3-$5/day, but you’ll probably want to increase because of how effective it is. We’ll show you how to ask Facebook to mine through their data and provide you with a massive list of people perfect for you. I can’t give it all away here, but this is where the real magic starts to happen.
Fan Conversion Phase
Remember how I mentioned that we’ve devised this strategy with the goal of growing your email list? Phase 4 is where it happens. This is the part of the formula that I personally use to get the $0.39 leads. It’s so effect, I just let this phase run without an end date.

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