Jon Benson & David Bass – 3X Conversion Formula

Jon Benson & David Bass – 3X Conversion Formula

Name Product: 3X Conversion Formula
COST: 997$
Author: Jon Benson & David Bass
Size: 5.3 GB

REVEALED: The Secret Conversion Tactics
That Poured In Over $50 Million In HIDDEN
Revenue For Hundreds Marketers Just Like YOU!”

Here’s How To Protect Yourself And Your Business From
The New Rules Affecting Sales Pages, Email, And More…
PLUS Increase Your Conversions And Revenue Up To
THREE TIMES In The Next 120 Days Without Spending
A Single Penny On Traffic Or Expensive Media Buys!


“Rock-solid marketing strategies for
beginners to the pros!”
Ryan Deiss

“One of the most comprehensive courses on Internet success I’ve ever seen.”
Andy Jenkins

“Just the copy tips alone are worth every penny.”
John Carlton

“This is the stuff that adds ZEROS to the end of your bank balance!”
Trey Smith

“It’s a Step-by-Step Blueprint; not just for better conversions, but for overall marketing success.”
Joe Polish

“Here’s What You’re Going To Get Today!…

The No-Geek Approach To Getting Your Emails Right Into The Inbox!

=> 3 Killer Tips For Using The Largest Unused Segment of Your List That Can Double Your Profits From Almost Any Email You Send!
=> Vital Lines Of Code That May Be Missing From Your Server To Help Insure Your Emails Get Delivered!
=> How To Choose The Best Email Service Provider… PLUS How To Combine These 2 “Unique” Providers For Massive Click-Through Increases!
=> The REAL Secrets Behind Using Single AND Double Opt-In Strategies To Build Your List Size, Protect Yourself From New-Rule “Shut-Down”…AND Jack Your Profits!
=> Why You Absolutely MUST Design Your Emails In A Specific Way To Get Double The Clicks…Secrets Only a Handful of Marketers Know!
=> Avoiding The Dreaded Spam Folder By Using These 7 Proven Strategies That Trick The ISP And Put Your Email Where It Needs To Go!
=> Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files… And Much, Much More!

Sneaky, Sinister And Downright Simple Tips To Crush It With Email!

=> Mastering The 3 Modes Of Mindset: And How To Apply Each In Unique Ways To Your Subject Lines, Link Text, and Body Copy To Reach More People And Demand A Click!
=> 12 Things Virtually Every Email Marketer Is Doing Right Now That KILL Your Conversions… And How To Dominate Your Competition By Using ________ Instead!
=> How You Can Email Multiple Times In A Single Day… Every Day If You Want…Without Getting Excessive Unsubscribes or Complaints…All While Cashing In Big-Time!
=> 5 Freaky Subject Line Tricks That Sneak In Under The Radar And Virtually Forces YourReader To Open Your Email!
=> The Bottom-Up Technique Exposed: Plus Our Ultra-Ninja “P.P.S.” Strategy That Can Build Your Social Media Ranking While You Earn More Cash!
=> Tons of Proven Subject Line Winners …PLUS The Only Way You Should Format Your Hyperlinks For Max Clicks.
=> Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files… And Much, Much More!

Value: $497.00 – Module 3: OPT-IN SECRETS
Triple Your List Growth Without Pissing Off The Powers That Be!

=> The 7 Deadly Sins of Opt-in Page Design… AND What To Do Instead To Make Your Opt-in Rates Go Through The Roof!
=> The “3X Exit Technique” That Will Send Super-Qualified Leads Right To Your Inbox…WITHOUT Having To Buy More Traffic!
=> Why _______ Works Better Than ________
=> Every Freakin’ Time When It Comes To Getting More Opt-ins…
=> How To Have Your Opt-ins Wanting To Give You More Of Their Valuable Information…All While You Use Our Strategies For Cheap OFFLINE Profits to Thicken Your Wallet!
=> My “Magic Headline” Formula That’s So Baby Simple It Should Be A Sin Not To Use It! No Need For Copywriting Genius Here…If You Can Type, You Can Cash In!
=> Avoiding Getting Slapped By The G-Men By Using These 3 “Under The Wire” Opt-in Pages.
=> Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files… And Much, Much More!

Value: $497.00 – Module 4: SALES PAGE MAGIC
Exactly How To Tweak Your Sales Pages For Insane Conversions!

=> The “Ultimate Sales Page Formula” –
=> The Step-By-Step “No Copywriting Genius Required”, Paint-By-Numbers System For Turning Any Sales Page Into Pure Gold!
=> Magical Phrases That Pull Your Reader’s Eye Down Your Sales Page And Right To That Precious Buy Button!
=> The Absolute Worst Mistakes You May Be Making On Your Sales Page That Subconsciously Makes Your Reader Reject Your Offer Before They Get To “Dear Friend!”
=> Use ________ Underneath Your Buy Buttons To Get An Immediate 12% Lift In Clicks (This Takes Less Than 40 Seconds To Do!)
=> A Borderline Sinister Little Tactic That Can Persuade Your Reader To Re-Read Your Sales Page… AND Increases Clicks To The Buy Button By 217%!
=> How You Can “Robotically Close” Your Reader And Put Higher Conversions On Auto-Pilot.
=> Includes Our Fast-Action User Guides, Complete Transcripts, 5 Hours of Video Training, 17 Resource and Swipe Files… And Much, Much More!

Value: $497.00 – BONUS 1 (Value: $3,000): (Available only with purchase of Jon’s 3X Video Formula) – Direct Phone Access To Jon And David!
** You Must Select The “I Want It All!” Option Below To Get This Bonus! **

30 minute personal, one-on-one phone consultation with Jon Benson and David Bass to discuss any area of your marketing funnel. Both Jon and David charge $3,000 an hour for their consulting time because of the results they continue to deliver to their clients. This is the first, and most likely the last, time we have ever offered our personal time as a product bonus…but we really wanted to give you something that would lock in your ability to succeed, and we know of no better way to do that other then by being there personally to answer your questions and give specific feedback and guidance!

(Note: Must Complete Each Module’s Action Plan Worksheet To Be Eligible.)

BONUS 2 (Value $197): Facebook Marketing Conversion Stratgegies!

Learn how world-renown Facebook marketer and owner of The CrowdConversion Facebook Marketing Brand, Robert Grant, turns his Facebook fans into huge revenue streams…PLUS why conversions on Facebook are different then everywhere else!

BONUS 3 (Value $197): Video Sales Page Conversion Tips!

When it comes to using video for conversions, The ‘Video Boss’ Andy Jenkins Is the undisputed champ. In this exclusive bonus, Andy takes you through key video conversion tips that are critical for your online marketing success!

BONUS 4 (Value $197): (NEW) Webinar Conversion Secrets!

Ryan Deiss is not only a world class online marketer, he is also known for always being on the cutting edge of webinar conversions. We convinced Ryan and his team mate Shane to reveal their most powerful secrets for converting webinar watchers to hungry buyers!

Additional Exclusive Bonuses:

To be announced when the full product is released in September 2011 (All bonuses offered with the product will be provided to the customers!)

Crowd Conversion Facebook Ads (Bonus):
*This is a limited time bonus, expires Friday at Midnight*

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