Jimmy D. Brown – Six Figure Seller

Jimmy D. Brown – Six Figure Seller



Name Product: Jimmy D. Brown – Six Figure Seller (Month 1)

Sale Page: http://www.sixfigureseller.com/

Price: $20/Month

Introducing Six-Figure Seller, Your 4-Month Training Program For Taking Your Information Business To The Next Level

In the Six-Figure Seller™ training program, you will discover ONE proven-effective way to increase your market reach, conversion rate, repeat purchases, and profit per transaction. That is, you will learn one process for increasing the number of paying customers who make repeat purchases at higher price points.

You learn it all: traffic, conversion, repeats, and bigger spending.

While there are many different ways to do the things we looked at in the tutorial, I have personally selected strategies that I feel are the easiest to accomplish so you can start seeing results quickly.

What we do in the Six-Figure Seller™ training program is basically “work backwards”.
* First, you setup a method of getting customers to spend more money.
* Second, you create a “repeat purchases” buying environment.
* Third, you place a resource in position to convince prospects to buy.
* Fourth, you generate traffic to start the process.

This is done on purpose. For example: if we started with “traffic”, then you would not yet have a method of converting that traffic in place or a method for getting that traffic to spend more money. Said another way: you would be missing out on revenue.
So, the Six-Figure Seller™ training program is designed to not only help you with the “four components”, but also get them completed in the proper order

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