Jennifer Ledbetter – Reverse Attack Marketing

Jennifer Ledbetter – Reverse Attack Marketing



Name Product: Jennifer Ledbetter – Reverse Attack Marketing

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Price: $61.99

What’s Inside Reverse Attack Marketing?
The Reverse Attack Marketing Training Package Includes:

1.  Main R.A.M. Training Guide – Everything you need to know about the Reverse Attack Marketing Method, from performing your first R.A.M. Test to walking you through you first R.A.M. Campaign step-by-step are laid out in this meaty main R.A.M. Training Guide along with real life examples and working R.A.M. Campaigns.

2.  The R.A.M Keyword Guide – The things we affiliate content marketers really need to know about keyword research and ranking in Google.

3.  The R.A.M. Forward Thinking Guide – How to get into keyword spaces BEFORE other marketers get there…and how to be in Magic Spots that other marketers don’t know about.

4.  The R.A.M. Tips, Tricks & Quirks Guide – Each site we use has it’s own little quirks as well as some really cool Tips n’ Tricks I’ve learned and discovered.

5.  The R.A.M. Short Steps Guide – After you’re done the Main R.A.M. Training Guide I know the hows and whys, these are the short steps to follow until it becomes habit for you.

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