Igor Ledochowski & Alexander – The Money in Your Mind

Name Product: Igor Ledochowski & Alexander – The Money in Your Mind
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What is ‘The Money In your Mind’ training really ?
I’ve recently finished another excellent training program by Igor Ledochowski called The Money In Your Mind.
As you can guess this training is all about how you can be more wealthy.
I was lucky enough to get one of the few copy’s that were made available during the pre-publication period.
I cannot say it changed my life yet, but it surely changed my beliefs about money an now the confidence I have regarding my financial situation improved a lot. I think this is one of the most comprehensive trainings I’ve ever listen on this subject.
So why is Igor’s The Money In Your Mind program so different?
Because is focused on the three sides of wealth equation:
1) Inner learning for the conscious mind
2) Inner learning for the unconscious mind
3) Outer learning: actions you can take that create wealth for you in the real world.
Being a experienced professional hypnotist, Igor applies several mind exercises to subconsciously reprogram your mind so that you think like a rich person.
He teaches step-by-step fundamentals of how you can adopt some of the strategies that the millionaire uses to create their wealth.
All you have to do is watch one DVD (about 60-80 minutes) a day for 15 days or so.

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