Howard Jacobson – The Landing Page Clinic

Howard Jacobson – The Landing Page Clinic



Name Product: Howard Jacobson – The Landing Page Clinic

Sale Page:

Price: $397

Have you worked hard to master AdWords?

Are  you spending good money to get Google searchers to click your ads and visit your website?

Do most of them leave without buying and without giving you their contact information?

If you can answer YES to all three questions, please take two minutes to read the rest of this page.
Is Your Landing Page a Brick Wall?

If you have analytics set up on your site, my prediction is that you would be shocked at how quickly most AdWords visitors abandon your website. Within seconds, many of them.

In the screen shot below, check out how many ad groups are throwing expensive visitors at landing pages that cause the “Run Away Screening” reaction. If you have Analytics hooked up to your AdWords account, chances are you’ll see the same basic pattern.

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