GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide

GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide

SalesTeam-PS-Web-267x300Product Name: GKIC – The No B.S. Renegade Guide To Putting Together A Highly Effective Sales Team

Sale Page: gkic.com

Here’s Just SOME Of What You’ll
Discover When You Take Action Today:

Where to find “barracuda” closers online and offline—including our “top secret” website we use to find candidates (sure beats paying a recruiter.)

How to predict whether a salesperson is going to make the cut…even before you hire him/her (this will save you tons of time and frustration.)

The traits and appearance factors you need to look for in a salesperson (If they do this in an interview, then show them the door.)

How to interview for top-notch sales superstars so you can load your sales force with top producers. Imagine filling your sales force with sales people who constantly exceed their annual goals and generate new business for you.

The optimal number of salespeople you should hire so they’ll stay motivated and competitive (the number will SHOCK you!)

How to overcome “sticker shock” when it comes to paying your top producers (this is what keeps most businesses from experiencing more growth.)

How to motivate your salespeople to perform…even if they have bad months (nope, you don’t have to buy them a Jaguar…it’s the little things that count.)

The #1 trick you can use to keep your salespeople producing on the sales floor (this only takes one second!)

A daily sales ritual you need to be employing right now to rev up your sales team and ensure they keep moving deals forward (this takes place of the typical 4-hour monthly sales meeting.)

The secret to quickly and easily training your sales people on your products and services so they can sell them for you (it’s not just giving your salespeople the product and expecting them to go through it…)

How to hold your salespeople accountable by tracking their production every day, week, month and year (this is how you build a true asset that’ll keep producing for you again and again.)

How to “weed out” the salespeople who aren’t cutting it (this goes deeper than just figuring out if they’re hitting their numbers or not.)

The secret to planning sales meetings that don’t require hours and hours putting together (this allows you to focus on the important stuff that’ll help you build your business.)

How to marry marketing with sales so you’re always feeding qualified leads to your prospects…not “looky-loos.”

The secret to selling to multiple generations, and how to marry both phone and email when it comes to raking in sales.

“Underground” lead sources your competitors will NEVER know that’ll allow you to find the sales superstars that’ll remove the worries from your business.

How to set up the sale that separates you from your competitors and gets you closer to “Yes” (They could be customers for life when you employ this strategy.)

…and a whole lot more.

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