GKIC Info Summit 2013

GKIC Info Summit 2013



Name Product: GKIC Info Summit 2013

Sale Page: http://gkicbuysyourgas.com/

Price: $200

CHICAGO-As small businesses fight to beat their competition there is a new wave of entrepreneurs using information marketing to build their fortunes. Top speakers like Dan Kennedy who has over 40 years experience in info marketing will be leading the way. Dan will present a seminar on The Seven Secret Sorceries of Mind Control Copy revealing the psychology that must be imbedded, and unseen by a guiding hand to move a reader, listener or viewer from skepticism, anxiety, resistance and procrastination to response or purchase — regardless of how it is delivered. He will also share specific copy examples, past and contemporary demonstrating application of Mind-Control Copy. A few of this other presentations are The State of the Sport: Info-Marketing Today & Tomorrow… An Opportunity Forecast.

Dan Kennedy has literally invented much of the modern info-marketing industry and its best, most profitable business models, strategies and practices. He has also undoubtedly written more advertising, marketing and sales copy used in every media to successfully sell books, audio programs, home study courses, subscriptions, memberships, seminars and other events, coaching programs, mastermind groups, and done for them services for more companies and clients than any other human being, dead or alive.

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