GKIC 2013 Info-Summit AUDIO CD

Name Product: GKIC 2013 Info-Summit AUDIO CD SET
Sale Page: http://gkicbuysyourgas.com/
Price: $200
GKIC 2013 Info-Summit AUDIO CD SET [21 CDs (MP3s)]
CD 1
Dan Kennedy – “The Sate of the Sport: Info-Marketing Today & Tomorrow”
CD 2
Frank Kern – “State of the Internet”
CD 3
Jake Steinfeld – “Body by Jake”
CD 4
Tom Orent – “From Ground Zero to a Million Dollar a Year Income”
CD 5
Dave Dee – “7 Secrets To Six Figure Google Hangouts”
CD 6
Dan Kennedy – “The Seven Secrets Sorceries of Mind Control Copy: Part 1”
CD 7
Dan Kennedy – “The Seven Secrets Sorceries of Mind Control Copy: Part 2”
CD 8
Dave Dee – “Turn Your Info-Business Into an Evergreen Cash Machine”
CD 9
Darcey Juarez – “Secret Money Making Ninja Funnels”
CD 10
Dan Ralphs / Infusionsoft – “Campaign Psychology: How to Use Sales Psychology in Your Campaigns to Sky Rocket Conversion”
CD 11
Perry Marshall – “Truly Understanding The 80/20 Principle”
CD 12
Dan Crowther – “How To Accelerate Info-Product Development & Thrive with Speed to Market”
CD 13
Kevin Hill – “Body-Build a Muscular Sales Letter in As Little As 2 Hours”
CD 14
Brittany Lynch – “Launch an Info-Product Business or Idea with Online Media”
CD 15
Lee Milteer – “Accelerated Implementation, Performance and Profits for Info-Prenuers”
CD 16
Dan Kennedy 40th Anniversary Celebration
CD 17
Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller – “Riches in Niches – This is How To Do It”
CD 18
Michael Cage – “On Steroids: The Business Building Technology Virtually Every Info-Marketer Uses. Made 10X More Powerful”
CD 19
Mars of Launchmen – “Power-Lifting: How To Harness The Unmatched Selling Power of LIVE Webcasts”
CD 20
Dan Kennedy – “What Charles Atlas Knew About What We Do”
CD 21
Ted Thomas – “BONUS SESSION”

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