fb-lead-chef-crackFB Lead Chef 3.0

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“FB Lead Chef is a new software that extract leads from Facebook.

The software main purpose is to find leads for any niche and downloading the data so you can market to them. But it can also be used by people who advertise on Facebook to maximize their click thru rates and therefore minimizing the amount they have to pay per click!

Here is a closer look at the key features of FB Lead Chef:

– Find the most popular people in your niche – This is important because if you can get them to share your content to their fans you could see an instant boost in traffic.

– Finds the most active Facebook users in your niche – I love this feature because you can friend people in your niche that have a strong history of liking and commenting on wall posts. These people are the ones that will help your content go viral and therefore bring you tons of free traffic and Facebook fans.

– Extract the leads that you find – The software not only finds the leads via Facebook groups, events, and pages, it also exports the email addresses so you can contact them directly.

– Extract Facebook Member IDs – This part of the software is for people who use paid advertising on Facebook. This tools also you to set up your ad campaigns to focus on the exact people that you know are in the niche you are focusing on. Because you will get a higher click thru rate by targeting the right people, your cost per click will be lower. I have seen people get clicks for as low as 1 cent because of they high click thru rate their ads get…!”