Email World 2013 by Ryan Deiss, Richard Lidner, Perry Belcher

Email World 2013 by Ryan Deiss, Richard Lidner, Perry Belcher



Name Product: Email World 2013 by Ryan Deiss, Richard Lidner, Perry Belcher

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Price: $497

Smart people who make money sending email … You will want to attend…
Discover What’s Working NOW In Email Marketing In 2 Days Flat LIVE!
If your business depends on sending email, you would be CRAZY not to attend this Email World…
Let me prove my point… Do you know…

How to get 3 TIMES more subscribers than you’re getting right now by taking away your opt-in form COMPLETELY?
How to as much as DOUBLE your email deliverability using simple list hygiene?
The 10 proven subject lines formulas and 3 “Sneaky Little Tricks” that increase email click through rates by up to 500%
How many links you should add to each email? Where they need to be placed and what they need to say. (One mistake here and you lose 90% of your clicks)
The “KEYSTONE” secret to email copywriting that almost forces people to click on your emails?
The 8 critical failure points an email must pass before it hits the inbox… or doesn’t.
How to use Facebook to increase boost your email campaigns performance by up to 321% for just $10 a day?
How automated micro-segmentation and “triggering” can boost sales conversions from email by as much as 180%
How the perfect HTML template can increase response by up to 83% and how this common mistake can DISTROY it by cutting response in half
How to “Mind Read” your list for a penny a name to determine sex, age, location, wealth level… you can even tell you if they have a cat… seriously!
How to eliminate 90% of all SPAM complaints by adding a “Tiny Word Button” to the top of every email you send “Can you guess what is says?”

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