Ellen Rohr – The Bare Bones Biz Plan

Name Product: Ellen Rohr – The Bare Bones Biz Plan
Sale Page: http://www.barebonesbiz.com/catalog/the-complete-suite
Price: $495
The Bare Bones Plan takes you through a six week process to build your business plan…and assemble your custom Biz Plan Binder. Focus on each component of your business for one week…and at the end of six weeks you will have a rock solid, yet flexible and dynamic, business plan. Your Biz Plan Binder will guide you and drive you to implementing the plan.
The six sections of the Bare Bones Biz Plan are
1.    Setting Sight
2.    Building the Team
3.    Making Money
4.    Getting it Sold
5.    Getting it Done
6.    Making Sure
These six sections represent the essential components of your business.

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