Eli Regalado – The $400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula

Eli Regalado – The $400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula



Name Product: Eli Regalado  – The $400k Crowdfunding Launch Formula

Sale Page: _https://www.udemy.com/how-to-raise-over-400k-with-crowdfunding-and-kickstarter/

Price: $999

This course covers the foundation and advanced hacks to pull off a six figure crowdfunding raise.

All lessons are taught via screen share and video. I literally show you all the tools I’ve used, include templates and scripts, and reveal a goldmine of secrets.

You can rip through the course in a day if you watch it end to end but I suggest doing it over the course of 3 to give the material time to digest.

The course can be broken down to 3 main objectives.
1. Research and Prelaunch
2. Building phase of pulling together content and creating digital assets
3. Launch- game time baby!

You should take this course if you don’t want to waste weeks of your life trying to figure out what works. I’ve used this process on 10 campaigns and others have used this same process (coached by me) to crowdfund their own ideas and products.

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