Dave Kaminski – Digital Product Playbook Live

Name Product: Dave Kaminski – Digital Product Playbook Live
Sale Page: http://webvideouniversity.com/playbook/
Price: $297
The Fastest, Easiest Way To Turn No Money Into A Lot of Money
lf you were to run into me somewhere, pull me aside and ask me what´s the fastest way to generate income for your new or existing web site, i would tell you to create a digital product. Sure, there are a lot of things you can make money with online .affiliate marketing, blog advertising. selling stuff on Amazon or eBay, selling physical products and so on.
But hands down, the fastest easiest, cheapest and most profitable thing you can do is selling your own digital products (and even the people making money all the other ways eventually figure this out and turn to digital product too…happens every time).
I know this because l’ve been creating and selling digital (meaning instantly downloadable/accessible) products since 1999. You can create them in as little as one day Typically for little money and often for no money at all. Ironically, they have a higher perceived value than most physical products. You need nothing more than a web site. People LOVE to access things instantly. And they can be ridiculously, insanely profitable.
In fact, just this past week I consulted with two local professionals on creating their own digital products. One was a physician (yes, a doctor) who was tired of all the headaches of running a practice and wanted to do “something” online instead. The other was a very successful business and real estate owner…who you gotta love this…wanted to make even more money by “doing something online” too I told both to do digital products. And then I showed them step by step how it´s done…the right way.

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