Dan Maxwell – The Foundation

Dan Maxwell – The Foundation

IMG_58237F-C06A50-CC1963-04B0BC-0190D8-A65822Name Product:  Dan Maxwell – The Foundation

Sale Pagehttp://thefoundation.com/blog

Price: $4800

The foundation is a 6 month training that teaches you how to run a web based software company. I followed the launch of “the foundation” last year and i was super interested in joining but there wasn’t enough time to discuss a GB so this time i’m beginning the discussion very early to see if there’s interest in a training that teaches how to run a software business. Launch Sequence Here you can follow all the launch videos and post from last year



Module 1 – Mindset

Module 2 – Idea Extraction

Module 3 – Sketch The Solution

Module 4 – Pre-Selling

Module 5 – Building The Product

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