Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching/Consulting High Fee Boot Camp

Name Product: Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching/Consulting High Fee Boot Camp
Sale Page: http://store.gkic.com/advanced-consulting-coaching-high-fee-selling-boot-camp.html
Price: $2997
Non-traditional and Hidden Client Attraction and Retention Methods
Quickly and easily attract corporate and entrepreneurial clients, have them beg you to accept them as clients, and pay you fees that will shock you. Discover Dan’s highly coveted art and science of promoting yourself, magnetically attracting clients, keep clients coming back for more and create permanent client relationships.
Dan’s MOST Advanced Consulting, Coaching and High Fee Selling Strategies
Make yourself irresistible to clients in four areas: consulting, coaching, selling high-fee services and securing large sums from anyone using Dan’s strategies honed over the past 30+ years.
Breakthrough Client Control Methods, Compensation Structures and Pricing Options
Use these methods to keep clients, expand assignments, secure more work, and work on your terms at much higher fees. Get anybody, including Fortune 500 CEO’s to hand over the fees you ask for.
Every minute of Dan’s Advanced Consulting/Coaching/High-Fee Selling Boot Camp 2-day event
Delivered in three formats, you’ll receive 11 DVD’s, 16 audio CD’s and the full unabridged transcription, so you don’t miss a thing, and can choose your preferred learning style and review as often as you like.
Comprehensive Desk Reference Set
Get an inside look at Dan’s client files. You’ll receive a swipe file of actual correspondence, contracts, examples and more. Includes ALL visual aids used during the 2-day event.

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