Dan Bradbury – Client Attraction System

Name Product: Dan Bradbury – Client Attraction System
Sale Page: http://www.danbradbury.com/clientattraction/
Price: £97
Dear Friend,
Ok, so I know it’s not very “manly” to admit it, but I just cried my eyes out.
I came upstairs from my office (we have a 3 story house with the ground floor converted to offices) to find Lucie visibly upset.
It turns out she’d been reading stories online of babies who’d had the same condition as our daughter Summer (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) but sadly HADN’T survived.
Despite me not wanting to, something inside me felt COMPELLED to read some.
As I read name after name of babies who had sadly passed away (somewhere between 33-50% of babies with the condition die at birth or shortly after) it reminded me of how totally and utterly ETERNALLY GRATEFUL I am for my baby girl.

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