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Name Product: Craig Proctor – Quantum Leap System
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Price: $ 495
Even though this industry is awash in “training” and “motivation”, so few real estate agents actually experience significant financial success, they’re like finding honest politicians. And for the few who do, they often end up with no personal life to speak of, a family life in disarray, working like dogs, on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working weeks and weekends, slaves to success!
This is the complete Craig Proctor Quantum Leap Super Conference.
1. Main SuperConference System Manuals
2. Individual Manuals such as Guarantee Program, Tour Of Homes, Team System Book, Contract Position Manual,Team Manual, Best of the Best and many more.
3. Reports
4. Scripts
5. Referral Program
6. Editorial Ads in Word Format fro editing
7. Buyer & Seller Presentation in PDF and Power Point
8. Postcards
9. 800 line info and other vendors
10.BONUS: The Super Conference Does’nt come with any audio. However I have included all the
audio from the Quantum Leap Program home study course. From a information stand point the
Quantum Leap home study course is a watered down version of the Massive Super Conference.
However since there is no audio from the Super Conference I thought you might find the home
study course audio helpful.
I hope everyone finds this helpful. I use a lot of it in my business but even if you are
not into real estate there is a lot to Swipe & Deploy.

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