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Yanik Silver – Underground Online X Seminar

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Price: $2495 So what is Underground Online Seminar X and who is Yanik Silver? If you’re around the Internet Marketing block, you would know Yanik is like a legend along with John Reese and Corey Rudl. He’s done multiple Underground Online Seminar series charging each attendee thousands of dollars and the events were always SOLD OUT. What makes the Underground Online Seminar X different from other events? It isn’t another “pitch fest” is it?

The Underground Online Seminar X is truly different: Now, in case you’re thinking this is another thinly veiled “product-dump” seminar — you’re barking up the wrong tree! It would be impossible! You see, each of the presenters don’t sell ‘how to make money’ information.

That is NOT their business! There’s no possible way this could turn into a “pitch fest” because frankly, many of them don’t even have a product to pitch nor do they have an ulterior motive. You’re going to get pure gold without any of the fluff or filler.

Underground X Online Seminar by Yanik Silver is the tenth installation of the popular series of seminars that are popular for bringing high profile, A¬Real World’s web young online marketers in one place to inform their tricks of developing multimillion companies from scratch. These speakers and speakers have actually stayed A¬Under the Radar but were able to catch incredible earnings and market place domination utilizing their secret advertising techniques.

The Underground Online Seminar supplies high-level Online marketing info from real-world, in-the-trenches speakers silently making their fortunes online. Subjects will consist of selling content, eCommerce, SEO, e-mail advertising, blogging, social media, Cost Per Action networks, domaining, mobile advertising and far more.

The content and one-of-a-kind experience provided year after year, paired with first-class participants and previous speakers like Tim Ferriss, Tony Hsieh, Chief Executive Officer of Zappos.com, Mike Faith, Chief Executive Officer of Headsets.com (a $30M company), Darren Rowse, ProBlogger.com, Matt Mickiewicz, 99designs. com, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ted Leonsis, AOL Web leader, Jessica Jackley, co-founder of Kiva.org and Bob Parsons, Chief Executive Officer of GoDaddy.com, to name a few, have actually contributed to making Underground the can’t miss out on industry activity.

Upcoming speakers for this worldwide known finest online advertising seminar of 2014 at Underground Online Seminar X consist of Matthew Monahan, Chief Executive Officer of Inflection; Alex Ikonn, co-founder of Luxy Hair; Clay Hebert, Chief Executive Officer of Spindows.com; Jeff Walker, developer of Item Launch Solution; Matt Clark, a # 1 finest selling author and founder of a multi-million dollar industry-leading online wellness item circulation enterprise; Frank McKinney, Realty Artist and a 5-time International Bestselling Author; Jen Frazier, co-founder of ThinkGeek.com a quirky and strange online merchant of all things; Clay Collins, the co-founder of LeadPages, the very best landing page and conversion rate optimization platform; Bob Serling, James Schramko, Andrew Bordeaux, and numerous others.

How Do You Decide What “Agents” Will Speak At The Underground Online Seminar X?

  1. They are relatively unknown people who are actually making money online, but are NOT on every “seminar circuit” peddling their wares. No theory and hype, just tried and true verifiable and validated Internet success strategies.
  2. No one making the bulk of their income from the “Internet World” or selling “How to Make Money”. (That means they can’t be a “shovel seller”.)
  3. They had to be able to teach their methods. (Some people are terrific doers but they cannot convey their knowledge into concepts others can use and understand.)
  4. Their methods not only have to work, they also need to be something you can take away and implement in your business without having to be a “super marketer” or “super geek”. (Plus, it couldn’t be something that only worked 2, 3 or even 8 years ago when the Internet was just getting started.)
  5. And finally no B.S. They can’t blow smoke, and have no substance.

How Many Spaces Are Available?

Part of my agreement with the presenters is that their information is only going to go out to a small, exclusive group of 500 attendees. Before tickets have even officially become available close to 2/3 of the spots have been pre-reserved by previous attendees. While other events struggle to fill their room – the Underground® has been sold-out for the last 8 years, weeks ahead of the event because it delivers something unique and different. Don’t wait and kick yourself for missing this one-time event. Some presenters ask for the cameras to be turned off so the only way to get ALL their information is to be there.

Who should attend the Underground Online Seminar X?

This particular event is positively NOT for everybody. It is FOR YOU if are already doing something online in one way or another. If that’s the case, then I can promise you the new information revealed here will be responsible for at least an extra six-figure revenue stream or addition to your business. It’s an absolute no-brainer and shoo-in (unless you course, you have a ‘know-it-all’, ‘seen-it-all’ attitude. Or you like to whine and complain to get negative attention. In that case – please do NOT show up.) Now it is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from multiple sources who have all “done it”. Also, at my last 9 sold-out Underground Online Seminar X events, all sorts of offline and online ‘celebrity’ marketers have shown up and all of them attended on their own dime for one simple reason — to hear what these “Real World” Underground successes are doing online. Plus, this unique event’s premise is so exciting that even Dan Kennedy showed up as an attendee (not a speaker). Plus, attendees came from the far reaches of the globe. They came in from the UK, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Romania and even Japan, India and Australia.

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