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Joe Polish – Rich Cleaner System

Name Product: Rich Cleaner System
Website: http://www.joepolish.com/NEWRichCleanerSystem/
COST: 1643$
Author: Joe Polish
Size: 2.9 GB

What If You Could Make More Money Cleaning Carpets In A Month Than You Now Earn All Year? And What If There Were A System That Was Designed With YOU In Mind, And We Could Guarantee The Specific Number Of Dollars That Would Appear In Your Bank Account, In A Specific Period Of Time As The Result Of Using It?

These are the video, electronic and audio files. Manuals will be posted separately. Dear Professional Carpet Cleaner, Even though thousands of carpet cleaners have already used Joe Polish’s Rich Cleaner System to transform their businesses into money-making machines, Joe understands the importance of making this a “no-brainer” opportunity for you. We know you’ll be able to transform your businesses with the Rich Cleaner System just over 3,500 others already have. So what would it hurt to prove it to you by giving you a can’t lose deal? After all, you’ve taken the tiem out of your busy schedule to check this out, so we’re gonna do everything we can to make it worth your while.

My directory structure is a bit off (how it ripped). However all the media is there as follows: 3 Packages of Disks:
Quickstart to Fast Cash
Joe’s Letters
The Carpet Cleaner’s Handbook

The True Cost of Doing Business
Carpet Protection Really Works
Television News Stories of Bait & Switch Advertising

The Anatomy of a Million Dollar a Year Cleaning Business I
The Anatomy of a Million Dollar a Year Cleaning Business II
The Anatomy of a Million Dollar a Year Cleaning Business III
How to turn $1 Billis into $100 Bills
Powerful Robotic Marketing Strategies
Carpet Audit Presentation

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