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Name Product: Authority Site Model

Sale Page: http://www.authoritysitemodel.com

Price: $127

Is 2012 the year your sites will be buried by the search engines? Or will you stay on top and continue to grow?

Let me tell you something that’s incredibly urgent and relevant to my questions above …

As you know, the job of the search engines is simple, to put the best quality sites at the top for any particular search phrase.

I understand this comprehensive program is a 6-module multimedia
training course on how to create an Authority Site via these modules:

–Introduction to Authority Sites

–Module 1: Research

–Module 2: List Building

–Module 3: Keywords & Site Structure

–Module 4: Authority Content

–Module 5: Site Building

–Module 6: Site Promotion

Each module includes training videos along with PDF transcripts.
There are also Action Plans, Resource Lists, and Copy and Paste
Templates included in the program.

 Bonus #1: Positioning Tactics USP System + Action Plan

 Bonus #2: Affiliate Review Rocket PDF Guide

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