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Name Product: Annabelle Drumm – Stress management

Sale Page: https://www.udemy.com/stress-management-kitegirl/

Price: $297

You’ve probably tried many different ways to bust your stress. The thing is that drugs, meditation and increased exercise can help you reduce the SYMPTOMS but they don’t deal with the CAUSE of Stress at all so, it just keeps coming back.

Hi. I’m Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm, a specialist Business and Life Coach for high flying creative professionals.

I know how it feels. As a creative myself, I was the biggest Stress Bunny you’d ever seen. I spent most of my life running from one place to the next on a full and exhausting schedule. My body was struggling. My nervous system was a wreck. I felt uptight and on guard every waking minute. I couldn’t sleep well at night and would frequently end up collapsed into bed for a few days at a time costing me precious time and lost jobs. Then, being the tough nut that I was, I would get back up and do it all again. Just stupid!

I had massages, got plenty of exercise, was recommended this pill and that pill from well intentioned health professionals. It might help for a short while but never got to the crux of the matter. I was afraid to admit I was falling apart in case I didn’t look tough enough. No one wants to hear you’re not coping. If you show any signs of weakness people step away like you have the plague. Or they give you less opportunities and side line your efforts.

So I felt very isolated and lonely in trying to solve Stress while struggling to build my career. The two seemed to beat against each other making life hard all the time.

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