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Amiee Ball – Pay To Play

Double Your Income… Double Your Time Off

When you make them Pay to Play

You deserve FREEDOM in your life.

And this may be the first step.


  1. Implement an automated discovery system for greater profits in 30 days.

2. Create positioning that converts like crazy and makes your offerings “no-brainers”

3. Stop selling cheap one off projects and start landing big ticket clients that stay with you FOREVER

4. Turn the work you already do for free into a PASSIVE PROFIT machine.

5. Nurture the shit out of your audience so they are begging to buy again and again!


Create the Package
Develop and setup your ideal client qualifying, client getting strategy in less than 7 days – so you can start boosting profits.

Position & Get Paid
Master the (completely addictive) art of selling your services to people who have the need AND the ability to pay for what you’re selling.

Land Better Clients
Land more of your IDEAL clients by positioning your services like a damn rockstar. Oh, and did I mention it is set up to be DFY?

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