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Marketing Ladder Blueprint

Name Product:  Bob Serling – Marketing Ladder Blueprint  Sale Page:  http://www.profitalchemy.com/mlbc/ Price: $ 497 This course follows a similar blueprint to what Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss are teaching in they’re Funnel certification course. Very much like the “Tripwire” offers they teach. Build a responsive list of BUYERS with low entry level products …

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Source ROI by OMG SEO

Name Product:  Source ROI by OMG SEO Sale Page:  http://roioptimization.net/special234/ Price: $ 497 No Theory. No BS. Just Profit How To Consistently Make $100-$300 Dollar Per Day Sites And Finally Get An ROI On Your SEO By Following Our Step By Step SEO System That We Have Used To Rank Over 235 Sites …

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Jermaine Griggs – Pinnacle Club

Name Product: Jermaine Griggs – Pinnacle Club Sale Page: http://automationclinic.com/members/pinnacleclub/ Price: $349 Dear Marketer, Thanks for your interest in my newest project. This letter isn’t filled with hype nor am I putting much copywriting prowess into it. Because quite frankly, this isn’t for 9 out of 10 people. And for …

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Alan Weiss – The Resolve Event

  Name Product: Alan Weiss – The Resolve Event Sale Page: http://www.summitconsulting.com/seminars/Resolve-Event-home-study.php Price: $1100 I’m pleased to invite you to attend a full day on what I’ve coined “Resolve.” Resolve is more than accountability, more than discipline, beyond mere organization. It is that set of learnable skills and behaviors which …

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Joanna Wiebe – Copyhackers 2014 Bundle

  Name Product: Joanna Wiebe – Copyhackers 2014 Bundle Sale Page: http://copyhackers.com/product-category/copywriting-ebooks/ Price: ~$400 Copywriting Ebooks for Tech Startups & Marketers You can write your own copy. You just need to know how to do it right – without taking some insanely long course or reading a 500-page tome meant …

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CopyBlogger – Content Marketing Training and Community SiteRIP

  Name Product: CopyBlogger – Content Marketing Training and Community SiteRIP Sale Page: http://my.copyblogger.com/join-authority/ Price: $348/year This is Authority: Content Marketing Training Powered by Successful Practitioners Online content marketing – whether as a consultant, entrepreneur, small business owner, or in-house content creator – is as tough as it is rewarding. …

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Denise Duffield-Thomas – Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp

  Name Product: Denise Duffield-Thomas – Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp Sale Page: http://www.luckybitch.com/bootcamp/ Price: $797 Do you ever find yourself… –    Undercharging and over delivering to your clients? –    Giving away your time for free but feeling resentful about it? –    Frustrated that you should be earning more for the …

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Dean & Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System

  Name Product: Dean & Elise Parker – The Complete Renovation System Sale Page: http://www.resultsmentoring.com/crs-details Price: $997 The Complete Renovation System is the most comprehensive resource on profiting from renovation projects on the market, covering everything you could possibly need to know! Full colour manual, six complete case studies, six …

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