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Ryan Deiss – Traffic Conversion Summit

Name Product:  Ryan Deiss – Traffic Conversion Summit Sale Page: trafficandconversionsummit.com Price: $697 Workshop Creator: Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher The 5th Annaul 2014 Traffic and Conversion Summit is Coming Soon! – The Worlds LARGEST Digital Marketing Conference! 2014 will change EVERY Aspect of marketing as we know it – creating huge …

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Vick Strizheus – Internet Traffic Formula

Name Product:  Vick Strizheus – Internet Traffic Formula Sale Page: www.internettrafficformula.com/ Price: $2997 Why is Traffic Important? – Internet Traffic Formula The core of Internet Traffic Formula is traffic. With more and more people looking to make money on the Internet through their blogs and websites, traffic has become the keystone of …

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High Rankings Institute

Name Product:  High Rankings Institute Sale Page: http://rankingsinstitute.com/ Price: $997 It’s an 8 week coaching program by Andrew Hansen and Alex Miller, focusing on post-Panda and Penguin SEO techniques to increase rankings, traffic, and conversions. What Qualifies These Guys To Teach SEO? SEO is a difficult skill to master, and Google is becoming …

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Traffic Mentor Media Buying

Name Product:  Traffic Mentor Media Buying Sale Page: http://jointrafficmentor.com/ Price: $ 997 Ezra & Justin take you behind the scenes of their businesses and show me how to run media buy campaigns like an expert! he six week “over the shoulder” series covers actual campaigns being launched from scratch and isn’t your typically structured …

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Masters Program v3

Name Product:  Masters Program v3 Sale Page: http://www.awaionline.com/a/mst/ Price: $ 1150 Copy Secrets I’ve Used to Generate $914,328 in Freelance Writing Revenues Over the Past Two Years … We have recently completed the most major overhaul of The Masters Program in its 12-year history. We’ve added dozens of brand-new secrets and selling techniques that …

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Dan Kennedy – Make Them Believe

Name Product:  Dan Kennedy – Make Them Believe Sale Page: http://store.gkic.com/group-1/all-products-1/making-them-believe.html Price: $ 39.95 This is your invitation to travel back in time and learn from the actual marketing literature and sales copy of one of the most outrageous marketers and promoters in American history. Discover for yourself how Dr. John Brinkley dominated an …

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Marketing Ladder Blueprint

Name Product:  Bob Serling – Marketing Ladder Blueprint  Sale Page:  http://www.profitalchemy.com/mlbc/ Price: $ 497 This course follows a similar blueprint to what Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss are teaching in they’re Funnel certification course. Very much like the “Tripwire” offers they teach. Build a responsive list of BUYERS with low entry level products …

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Source ROI by OMG SEO

Name Product:  Source ROI by OMG SEO Sale Page:  http://roioptimization.net/special234/ Price: $ 497 No Theory. No BS. Just Profit How To Consistently Make $100-$300 Dollar Per Day Sites And Finally Get An ROI On Your SEO By Following Our Step By Step SEO System That We Have Used To Rank Over 235 Sites …

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Jermaine Griggs – Pinnacle Club

Name Product: Jermaine Griggs – Pinnacle Club Sale Page: http://automationclinic.com/members/pinnacleclub/ Price: $349 Dear Marketer, Thanks for your interest in my newest project. This letter isn’t filled with hype nor am I putting much copywriting prowess into it. Because quite frankly, this isn’t for 9 out of 10 people. And for …

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Alan Weiss – The Resolve Event

  Name Product: Alan Weiss – The Resolve Event Sale Page: http://www.summitconsulting.com/seminars/Resolve-Event-home-study.php Price: $1100 I’m pleased to invite you to attend a full day on what I’ve coined “Resolve.” Resolve is more than accountability, more than discipline, beyond mere organization. It is that set of learnable skills and behaviors which …

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Joanna Wiebe – Copyhackers 2014 Bundle

  Name Product: Joanna Wiebe – Copyhackers 2014 Bundle Sale Page: http://copyhackers.com/product-category/copywriting-ebooks/ Price: ~$400 Copywriting Ebooks for Tech Startups & Marketers You can write your own copy. You just need to know how to do it right – without taking some insanely long course or reading a 500-page tome meant …

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