Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge

Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge



Name Product: Brad Geddes – Certified Knowledge

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Price: $79/Month


Learn the fundamentals of search, ranging from SEO to Analytics to PPC
Receive a complete walkthrough of how to open your first account
Avoid common pitfalls of new advertisers, so your accounts can be profitable
Increase your PPC knowledge from a beginner to an expert
Master the search network


Learn how to increase your Quality Scores with both lessons and tools
Use the keyword mixer tool to easily take advantage of long tail keywords
The broken link finder will ensure you aren’t wasting money by sending traffic to broken pages
Learn organizational strategies that will help increase your account’s effectiveness
Master mobile advertising


Learn enterprise ad management tricks and testing techniques
Use the mass ad copy creator to easily create thousands of ads
Receive landing page tips that increase conversion rates
Learn creative uses of remarketing to bring lost visitors back to your site
Master Google display network advertising

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