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Dr Ben’s Evil Copy Magician walks you through righting copy the “evil” way. The goal of the short course is to create an effective sales letter that will turn prospects into buyers.
Module 1 – Welcome
* Goals of the program
* Research Phase
* Writing Phase
Module 2 – Intro
Module 3 – Getting to know your target audience
* Identify who your target is.
* Build a customer avatar.
* Uncover what pushes their buttons and gets them to buy.
Module 4 – Establishing you as an authority
* Outline your credibility
* Secure the trust of your buyer
Module 5 – Building your sales copy foundation
* How to connect your product to your buyers needs
* Using competition to your advantage
* Identify features, benefits and advantages of your product
* Build the value of your product while justifying your price point.
Module 6 – Hooking your audience
* How to relate to your buyers stuggle
* Using their emotions to introduce the necessity of your product.
* How to prime your audience so they’re ready to buy before seeing your product/service.
Module 7 – Reeling them in for the sale
* How in introduce your product/service
* Address and overcome their objections
* Getting them to click your buy button and close the sale
Module 8 – Polishing it off with an eye grabbing headline
* Capture their attention and get them to start reading
* The easy-to-use headline formula
Module 9 – What’s Next
* Psychology of it all and why it works
* Writing your upsell – get them to keep on buying
* Smack headlines reference report

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