Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime – Webinar Studio Epic Results Week

Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime – Webinar Studio Epic Results Week

introducingstudioIt’s time to PARTY and we’re bringing the GIFTS!

I’ll tell you how you can get those in a minute but first let me take a step back and share with you what the heck we are CELEBRATING.

A little over a year we decided to launch a software tool.
Our friends thought we were crazy but we knew what we had developed was going to ROCK the industry.

And BOY OH BOY did it.

Honestly, it surpassed anything we had imagined and frankly the results SHOCKED even us.
Just look at the numbers
17,000 WebinarJam clients
30,000,000 people registered for their webinars.
Let me just repeat that last number for you (after all it’s not everyday we see this)

T H I R T Y   M I L L I O N  P E O P L E
I can’t even imagine the amount of business generated with all those webinar attendees.
These numbers are CRAZY unprecedented… so we’ve decided this week it’s TIME TO PARTY and we wanted to personally invite you!

Of course it wouldn’t be a proper celebration without GIFTS… right?

That’s why we’ve put together a FULL WEEK of amazing business-building gifts for you.
Plus, lot’s of our friends will be stopping and we’d hate for you to miss out.
See you there!
Andy & Mike
P.S. If you’ve partied with us before you know we do things a little different than most. Our philosophy has always been GO BIG OR GO HOME!

It contents:

The Launch video’s
Free mini webinar course named “The 5 laws”
12 expert interviews
Audio Eben Pagan Interviews Andy and Mike


SalesPage (more info)

Course Size: 7 GB

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