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Another excellent product from Andy Jenkins. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Thanks to biztguy for the heads up on this one.
A lot of starting Internet marketers have been asking Andy Jenkins (creator and owner of the Video Boss – Now Even Bossier coaching program and partner and producer in Haxan Films) about how he’d start his Internet marketing career if he were in their shoes. Well, cuzins, that question is about to be answered.
Enter Beginner’s Luck – arguably the most powerful, heart-stopping, gut-wrenching and mind-bending strategy that will help you in your first few steps to making it big in the online marketing arena.
What’s included?

Module 1: Introduction Get ready for high intensity internet marketing training only The Boss can give. Expect nothing but immensely informative, blow by blow video presentation of what it takes to achieve Beginner’s Luck.Module 2: Empire Building So you want to lord over an online business empire? Learn all about the building blocks of putting together a successful online marketing campaign. Andy Jenkins will pour in this module the secret success sauce to make an internet marketing campaign fly high. You’ll also learn about the pitfalls to avoid, the risks involved (and how you can deal with them), some very important monetization strategies and automation techniques to put your online business on autopilot.
Module 3: Market Research This module will empower your marketing campaigns with techniques on how to effectively get into your customers’ mind. You’ll learn crucial research techniques that when carried out properly will put your product right in front of your customer right as their searching for it online. This module will also walk you through some of the important tools and techniques you can take advantage of to crank out new ideas, and how to address certain issues you may encounter in business as you go along.
Module 4: Freemium Topic Creation and Positioning Learn to take advantage of a powerful tool that will make you attract tons of loyal subscribers who will always be on the lookout for more of your good stuff. This powerful tool is called Freemium. Find out how to effectively mine for ideas for your Freemium, how to properly position it and why it’s so powerful that it attracts customers like crazy.
Module 5: Different Types of Freemiums Now that you know what a Freemium is and why it’s the perfect companion to your marketing campaigns, it’s time to figure out how to choose “the right peg for the right hole”. That is, Andy Jenkins will walk you through the different types of Freemiums and some essential techniques to figure out which Freemium is right for every type of customers.
Module 6: Tools for creating your Freemiums Now that you’ve acquired the know-how for creating Freemiums, it’s time to arm you with the tools to actually create one from the ground up. This module will show you all about the structure of a Freemium and how you can take advantage of the tools to create one from conceptualizing to identifying and resolving an issue that your Freemium aims to address.
Module 7: Releasing your Freemiums So you’ve created a great Freemium. Now what? This module will show you the effective ways of getting your Freemium to your intended audience. You’ll also learn how to measure opt in rate of your Freemium, as well as powerful tips on keeping your audience engaged. Also in this module are ways to keep track of your Freemium’s progress as well as how-to stuff on the actual process of rolling out your Freemium.
Module 8: Configuring Your Blog Blogging is still a crucial component in any internet marketing effort, and you should incorporate it in your internet marketing strategy. This module is all about running a successful blogging campaign as a powerful companion to your marketing strategy as revealed by Andy Jenkins. Andy will also demonstrate how landing pages work and how they’ll either make or break your business.
Module 9: Making Immediate Money You’re in this for the money, we know that to be true. But is making immediate money online possible? How? In this module, Andy Jenkins will reveal tried and tested ways for giving offers that your target customers will almost always grab, giving you an opportunity for a success that’s almost guaranteed.
Module 10: Freemium Follow up Nothing gets leads as effectively as a carefully crafted Freemium. Now that you’ve got the leads, how do you keep them engaged? Andy Jenkins reveals in this module proven methods for following up on your leads to keep them hot. You’ll also learn about how to build your authority by showcasing your expertise through email.
Module 11: Social Media Strategies Internet marketing these days will never be complete without social ia. With it, as Andy Jenkins reveals in this module, you can speed up the rate at which your product gets known and discovered on the internet. This module will also show how you can leverage the various social media tools that are available out there to get your brand right in front of your customers.
Module 12: Beginner’s Luck Structure Now it’s time to draw to a close. Here, you’ll find out more about using Beginner’s Luck to build a successful online business empire. Plus, watch Andy Jenkins as he makes his final thoughts known on Beginner’s Luck.
Included Bonuses:
4 Conversion Crushing Tips
Jump Start Your Business With Video
Linking Like A Boss
Video Boss Pre-Launch
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