Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime – Marketing Genesis Live Event

Name Product: Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime – Marketing Genesis Live Event
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Price: $997
The marketing juggernaut formed by masters Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime revolutionized the industry through their style of entertaining and informative trainings.
And now they are going to share their secrets LIVE.
As 8-figure company owners, these guys are used to getting a minimum of $38,000 a day for their input.  Yet they are putting that on autopilot for one weekend to spend some time with you, their loyal customer, students and friends, to activate the power of immersion.
Our most powerful life experiences typically take place in a total immersion scenario, where you’re surrounded by people and images and conversations that all support the process or training that you’re seeking.  This is why it’s easier to learn a foreign language when you visit the country than it is in a weekly class.
That’s what makes a live event so cool.  We get to immerse you in marketing.  You can’t help but learn volumes of information when it’s pouring out of our heads like water from a firehose for three full days.  You start immediately applying that information when you converse with other attendees during breaks, further cementing your knowledge.  And the super excited and dedicated among us will race back to their room after dinner, sealing the deal on the learning by putting it into practice that very day.

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