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Ramit Sethi Behind The Sales Email

Watch me write
3 sales emails worth $379,643 — right in
front of your eyes

For the first time ever, get a behind-the-scenes look at thisPower Trio of proven sales emails we use in every product launch.

I used a “Big Reveal” email in our Success Triggers launch and made $82,358 from that one email.
I even used this Power Trio of sales emails in our automated evergreen funnel … where they’ve helped drive over $5,000,000 in revenue.
Over the past 10 years, I’ve used these emails to sell everything from a $0.99 Kindle e-book to a $10,000+ advanced course.
I’ve used these emails across multiple categories, including:
Three of those emails — The Power Trio — brought in over 60% of all our revenue.
Here’s the amazing part: We use this Power Trio of proven sales emails in every launch we run.
These three emails are the heart and foundation of our sales. And every time we sit down to write sales emails, most of the funnel and sales push is mapped out before we even start.
The truth is, when it comes to sales, you don’t have to start from scratch. There’s no need to do it all yourself. You can lean on what works. Make it your own and add your voice, but don’t make your life unnecessarily difficult.

“It shouldn’t be this hard”

I made 2 big mistakes when I first tried to sell online.
The first problem was when I sold a $4.95 e-book. My sales copy was so cowardly, so timid, that I actually told people all the reasons they might NOT want to buy. I think I did a better job convincing people to skip it than to buy.
While it was thrilling to see those first few sales, it was also painful to watch readers unsubscribe — and call me a “sellout.”
The second mistake was also bad but in a different way. Years later, I was selling a $497 program on freelancing. This time, I’d gotten more confident about selling. But instead of simply telling people what the product was and why it might be a good fit for them — NOPE! That would be too easy! — I decided to write about all the features … all of them … and go on and on and on and on…
In total: I wrote 5 weeks of sales emails. Over 25 emails AND 15 long, detailed blog posts. I’m starting to sweat just thinking about doing that again.
The good news is, we sold a lot — over $600,000 in sales.
But my team and I were completely wiped out. Exhausted, bleary-eyed, and drained. It took me 6 entire months to get back to full speed.
The first time, I’d sold too softly. Then, next time I’d overcorrected in the opposite direction, writing hundreds of pages and burning myself out (and many of my readers, who unsubscribed).
I was genuinely trying to help my readers, but I started to wonder if I would ever find a happy balance where I could sell effectively, unapologetically, and keep it simple.
The words that kept whispering in the back of my head: “It shouldn’t be this hard.”
My approach to sales copy, in a nutshell, was this:

5 Invisible Scripts that kill sales (and businesses)

#1 Invisible Script

“I don’t want to be a scammy internet marketer. I just don’t. I’ve built up all this goodwill with my audience. They trust me. I don’t want them to think, ‘oh god, here come the sales again’ and unsubscribe.”

#2 Invisible Script

“I’m not a natural writer. I’m not sure when to tell a story, when to start selling. How many testimonials should I use? Should this email be short or long? How do you know?”

#3 Invisible Script

“My business is small. I don’t have a team. What works for a big team won’t work for me because I don’t have those resources at my disposal. It’s just me. I need something different.”

#4 Invisible Script

“My business is different. I sell ____.” This is the dreaded Special Snowflake Syndrome: the belief that you, your business, and your brand are unique and no advice will help you unless it’s 100% customized to your situation. People with this script rarely buy, so it’s no surprise they have trouble convincing others to invest in their products, too.

#5 Invisible Script

“I don’t believe in email formulas. They don’t work. I tried them but nobody bought! Are people tired of being sold to with that formula or did I do something wrong? How can I make sure my sales emails will be effective? And how can I do it and still sound like me?”


Watch me write 3 sales emails — The Power Trio — that generated $379,643.

And learn how to boost your email funnels with authentic selling

What you’ll learn
  • How to know the right moment to start selling — and when to stop
  • Which parts of your sales emails can you pull verbatim from your sales pages?
  • Multiple proven ways to transition between sections of an email
  • The 5-second test that protects you from ever sending inauthentic or awkward copy
  • The final section we add to every sales email
What you’ll learn
  • The email “sin” that’s much worse than coming off as salesy or scammy
  • When and how to get meta
  • What is the #1 thing all readers want? (Without this, you won’t sell anything)
  • How to create a “Story Bank” that will cut 90% of the work out of your sales emails
  • How to pick the best story for any email
What you’ll learn
  • How much revenue a strong Last Chance email can bring in
  • How you can crack people’s default behavior — procrastination
  • How can you sell — directly — and still be friendly and authentic?
  • What is the best sequence for a smooth, powerful sales email?
  • What it really means to sound authentic (and the extra step we take to guarantee all of our emails hit this mark)
  • The “Us vs Them” Technique and the critical moment to use it

Behind The Sales Email is for you if…

  • You’re ready and willing to put in the time to apply the lessons in this course to your business
  • You have a product or service to sell, you’ve tried writing sales emails on your own, but you’re not satisfied with your results
  • You’re ready to go beyond cookie-cutter templates and scammy sales hacks
  • You want to learn how to sellauthentically — from someone who has written thousands of sales emails and whose writing you trust and enjoy
  • You’re in it for the long-haul: that means working smarter — and harder — to build your business and grow your audience

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