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Jonathan Dane – Landing Page-CRO Mastery


Everything you need to know to grow conversion rates in a simple, quick, and effective manner.


Wouldn’t it be great to push aside all the competing information out there, written by people who’ve never run any CRO tests themselves?

That’s exactly the meat of this course.

With over 200 clients from different industries, we’re giving you our go-to strategies and tactics for getting results in the quickest way possible.

We simplify what you need to know, but also challenge you to see things differently from what you may have learned in the past.


Your Instructor

Johnathan Dane is a PPC lover and conversion rate fighter, spending most of his time in the trenches.

He’s an international speaker who founded and ran two successful agencies with over $5 million in annual revenue in less than two years.

With experience spanning from over 500 clients (from smaller local businesses to larger ones like Airbnb and Stanford), this course simplifies the confusion and gives you bite sized strategies and tactics that you can implement right away.


Class Curriculum

The CRO Fundamentals

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

What is a Landing Page?

Home Pages Are Bad News

Landing Page Examples + VIDEO (6:17)

Landing Page Anatomy + VIDEO (4:31)

The PPC Success Equation

Traffic Types & Temperatures + VIDEO (3:23)

The Bigger Picture


Better CRO Research

Quantitative Research + VIDEO (1:38)

Qualitative Research + VIDEO (3:01)

CRO Research Tools

Google Analytics Treasures

Hottest Heatmaps

Scrollmap Revelations

Candid Camera Recordings

Visitor/Customer Interviews

5 Second Insights

Sales Team FAQs

Mirroring Goals + VIDEO (3:42)


Call To Actions (CTAs)

What is a Call To Action?

Two Most Important Worlds + VIDEO (1:11)

Same CTA – Different Words


Lead Generation Forms

Above vs Below Fold

The Elephant In The Room

Hotter Calls vs Colder Forms + Tests + VIDEO (5:49)

Compliance Psychology + VIDEO (3:04)

The Breadcrumb Technique + VIDEO (3:27)


User Experience Steroids

How Important Is Design?

Dribbble It

The Secret CRO Ingredients – Fonts & Readability


Celestial Copywriting

It’s All About “You”

Always Strengthen The CTA

Headline Writing Formulas

Multistep Form Headlines & CTA Wording

Iconography & Power of 3

20+ Social Proof Examples & Importance


Visuals With Impact

Hero Images/Shots


Tracking Towards Success

Conversion & Goal Tracking

Micro Conversion Tracking + VIDEO (2:14)

Call Tracking

UTM Tracking & Hidden Fields


A/B & Multivariate Testing

What is A/B Testing?

What is Multivariate Testing?

Variation Volume & False Positives

Things That Destroy Tests

Redesigns vs Iterations

Testing Prioritization


Scaling & Growth

New Traffic Channels

New Revenue Generating Offers


The Best Performing Tests

The Breadcrumb Technique

Traffic Quality

Fake Test Offers

CTA = Landing Page Sections

Hyper Locality

Intermittent Conversion Steps

Working Backwards

Sacrifice These Things

Balancing Conversion Rates & Business Sense

See You On Slack!


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